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Sep 28, 2012 6:00pm PDT
government is leaving food bank was empty shelfs and happening just as demand is high. there is laur athan krony live tochl plain why usda isn't sending food. >> there is not any good answers officials think it has to do with drought in the mid west and the bottom line this bad food bank and another hasn't receive anything since mid july. >> there is the food bank had to go without deliveries of crucial items. and the reason u.s. department of agriculture hasn't delivered surplus to oakland for two months. >> there is no shipment since end of july. >> the food bank would normally have a million pounds of usda food on shelves and now, they're down to about half of that. and this is a same story in food bank of contra costa and solano. it's not clear if food is being diverted or just not available due to drought in the mid west. there is reality just as demand for food remains high. >> families find themselves turning to the food bank. >> so this is need growing and the majority of which children. >> both are asking to organize a food drive and make donations. >> we can turn every doll
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
including government retiree pension and health care costs and kbrinls more lawmakers rated for public schools and university that's will have to be paid back. the brown administration says it's aware of the wall of debt. governor brown slowed it down when taking office two years ago. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> the debt is soaring. so are the temperatures. >> it's remarkably and warm right now. >> this is and it's slow to cool down. there are temperatures well into the 90s across the bay area. there is a live view right now from our camera looking towards golden gate you can see here the four ground and no fog at the coast so there is no cooling sea breeze to bring temperatures down. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd that shows you absence of coastal fog. so skies clear from coast to inland and warm conditions prevail from coast to inland. now, it's 80 degrees in san francisco at this hour and there is 73 in half moon bay. low 90s in oakland and fremont. there is 88 down in san jose. there is clear, mild and cooler for the end of the week. now a water vapor image shows a
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. >> so government may raise concerns about people. and if they wrus loous one person, they want everyone to come back if they can be legal status obtain md this country. >> and this company switched to the system for new hires. there is a union trying to organize a boycott beginning monday them say the company refurss to sign an agreement. >> and there is a visit to a truly mazing place. >> families touched and people they don't know care about them. >> there is >>> imagine a stress of a young couple whose baby was diagnosed with a heart condition before he was born thee were able to take advantage of a valuable resource. >> cheryl jennings has the story. >> this opened up his scarf. >> little tanner is only 18 months old, he's had open heart surgery at two days old. he'd heez had six other surgeries and more may be on the way. he may need a heart transplant. >> what is wrong with his heart is that it's flipped backwards. the right side of his heart did not develop. >> they have spent years in and out of ucsf because of the heart problems. they lived in turlock at least a two-hour drive
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
tonight from the government. and an appeal to help safe the whales off the california coast. >> there is a wernl cooling down but there may be showers coming our way. i'll tell but that in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> you know what it takes to mend a broken heart. tonight what it takes to build one. >> that familiar sound of fleet week that. roar can only mean they're back flying over san francisco playway. they spent spent the day practicing jogs. there, you can see one. there is blue angels will be out practicing again, tomorrow. and anyone who has watched the blue angels is left wondering how they can fly so close. crew members shared secrets this morning while stationed in san francisco international airport. and leaders said they used the flight to survey the area picking out visual cues and the rest keep an eye on the other jets wing lettering. fans are in for a real treat this year making a debut is this plane. it's an f-22 raptor, an actual air force combat plane. >> this is nothing change fd something were to happen we can sent them into combat right now. >> and there
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
singles matches at the ryder cup. what a finish we a government agency that pledges to deliver no matter what will fail to deliver a huge payment tonight. postal service has admitted it will default on a $5.6 billion payment for the second month in a row. the payment is due at midnight. >>> a stunning image from the bay area is being featured in a new set of stamps. berkeley photographer barry took this image of the cargill salt bonds near the san mateo bridge back in 1983. the stamp is one of 15 earthscape stamps that go on sale tomorrow. >>> a community rallied to save a historic mural in san francisco was held today. the mural wraps around the burnaling heights library. the san francisco library commission plans to teardown the mural and paint another one. mural painted when the community was comprised mostly of chilean immigrants features a picture of a folk singer and others. >> there was a community process that led to the development of this community mural. i feel that victor and the history of that, and the art of that should be contained and continued to be in the community. >>
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5